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My quest with writing books and having this website is to help people achieve a healthy and fulfilling life through education and practical modalities used in alternative health. I hope to bring knowledge to people who are striving for health for themselves and their families. I want to make it easy to understand the information given and help with implementing it into everyone’s daily lives.

As a Certified Naturopath, I will do phone consultations with follow-ups with using certain modalities to give me the information I need to follow through with protocols and nutrients that help us achieve success


What exactly is a hair analysis?

Your hair contains all the minerals present in your body, including nutritional minerals as well as toxic heavy metals. Hair mineral analysis is a lab test that measures the mineral content in the hair. Everything is a ratio and through Hair Analysis we can see all of the ratios and how they play a part in how the body is staying erect. Let’s face it, the more information that we have on what’s going on inside of our bodies the better we can feed what needs to be fed to eliminate pain and illness. The test results reflect how much of these elements are in your tissue and provide a detailed picture of your internal environment. We need to listen to what the body is telling us and follow through with what it needs.


Hair Analysis – $250.

Phone Consultation – $45.00

In-Person Consultation –  $125.00

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