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Certified Naturopath

Liz Herzog is a certified naturopath with over 20 years of experience working in and owning natural health shops. Over this time period, she worked one-on-one with hundreds of customers who didn’t find answers in Western medicine. She is certified to teach about nutrition and alternative medicine (but not to treat patients).

As she helped heal her customers with natural remedies, Liz came to realize that many health issues—especially women’s issues—are rooted in hormonal imbalance. Her understanding deepened after struggling with her own illness, including a serious case of hives that lasted five years and left her doctors stumped. That ordeal and healing process taught her that hormonal imbalance can have system-wide consequences on the whole body, creating a domino effect of symptoms that seem unrelated. But, as Liz likes to say, “We are walking hormones! Your hormones run you.”

Liz is also a specialist in gut health, and other natural health topics, and continues to help clients on a private basis through her website at HealthyLivingByLiz.com. She lives in California close to her two sons and their families.

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